Irish Notables In Westminster Tour

Our walk is through the historic and exhilarating City of Westminster and is somewhat different in character to other guided walks in that the focus is on the imprint that Irish men and women have had on the fabric of British life and indeed – further afield! but few people realise their phenomenal contribution!

There are over eighty million people in the world who claim to be of the Irish diaspora (in London -as much as 77% claim Irish roots! *) so together we shall explore some of these fascinating individuals who have made their mark in science, theatre, politics, exploration, the arts, the military, medicine, journalism and music, with reference to the City of Westminster.
People who were reformers; people who changed our way of looking at the universe; who were innovators in the fields of medicine; chemistry and physics; who won plaudits for their leadership; who won battles; who created cherished institutions; even invented luxuries that we eat!
The tour should last no more than two hours and take us from Westminster Tube station to Whitehall, across the Mall, Waterloo place, Pall Mall and St. James’, finishing in Piccadilly.
You will visit some streets and sights that most tourists (and indeed some Londoners themselves) pass by without noticing.

*Guinness and ICM research 2001

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